Top Possibilities For The Top Ranked ATP Player In 2010

By Jason Blake

Due to the Aussie Open starting off the brand new '10 tennis year, the magic is officially back. There are tons of athletes rounding out a group that finds itself a lot more competitive than it has been in several years.

No longer are the times of Roger and Nadal being locks to win every event. There are a few additional athletes on the tour with real prospects each and every time a slam takes place.

Even if Federer and Rafael Nadal claim the best two spots in the tour, there are a few players who may well wind up 2010 sitting at # 1. Let's get a glimpse at the most probable prospects at this time.

Of course, there's Roger Federer. He may well always be regarded as the leading candidate to end up atop the the men's tour, because he's succeeded in doing so practically every single month during the period of the previous decade. Still, his age of 29 indicates that he is slowly beginning to age.

If Rafa Nadal should remain free of injuries, there's no basis to the fact that he can't wind up there. On the contrary, many experts feel the fact that he may have finished there last season had he not been required to sit out Wimbledon as a consequence of his knee pain.

Also in the mix is the young twenty year old Juan Martin Del Potro, whose remarkable triumph at Flushing Meadows stunned plenty tennis devotees. To informed ones, the young talent's victory was not so much of a shock. The Argentine is tremendously gifted and has the potential to capture the world's best position in 2010.

Rounding out the field are a couple of extra potential athletes. Let us have a glimpse at them both.

Novak Djokovic is certainly one of those prospects that experts believed would be number one at some point, however he hasn't exactly arrived there as yet. He is a bit more level headed at his current age, and could possibly at long last have both the tennis skills and mental toughness to achieve his goal.

Then, there's Andy Murray. With youth on his side, this Scottish star is still improving and peaked as high as #2 recently. With several major titles this year, he could wind up as 2010's dark horse. - 30798

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What's The Correct Tennis Apparel?

By Sydney Jordan

Tennis is a hardcore sport that needs many talents to be in a position to excel and be called a good player. A median tennis player must have good hand and eye coordination, good staying power, good vision, expectation talents, fast thinking, sturdy gear and naturally the right tennis apparel. Everything plays a critical role in the anatomy of a tennis player, from the physical talents to the material aspect a good tennis player must display a good balance in the areas anxious so he will bring his A game every day.

Talking about skills, the physical abilities required in tennis needs consistent practice and coaching. A good regime of pliability exercise coaching, hand and eye coordination coaching, staying power building and speed coaching is wanted to be in a position to cope up with the physical needs of the game.

When it comes to the gear that you wear there also are concerns and factors that you'll need to learn about so you can get yourself the right stuff. When it comes to the gear, like the racket and the strings, there are two simple tips that you can look into when purchasing, first is the weight of the racket second is the style of play that you have. For folks who throw lots of throws and likes to play way at the back of the court they need weighty rackets letting them modify their shots in the smallest way possible.

Now if you're the assertive net player you want an a little lighter racket that would let you go from forehand to backhand in a blink of an eye. But there are still private choices when it comes to selecting gear so if you believe a heavier racket suits you better than lightweights then its still you who's the chief.

Getting the basics. Of course, the tennis apparel is another story. There are had been several style revolutions and fads that the tennis world had seen in the past years that it had been in existence. People have come and gone with the brand of tennis apparel that sets them apart from all the other players of the game. Some do it because they feel the need to be different and some feel the need to be remembered, and others just do it because they feel like doing it. However, no matter the cause for their style or statement one thing remains for sure there are a things that you just can't go without. Here are some tips on the proper tennis apparel:

Mind the tennis shoes. This is like the heart and soul of your tennis apparel. Tennis shoes need to be sturdy enough to use on any kind of court surface, it must be lightweight and designed to have support for your ankles. Get good quality of men's shorts. If you are a man then shorts are the way to go. White short have always set the standards for proper tennis apparel, just remember that it should not restrict your movements on the court.

Be fussy when it comes to women's skirts. The counter part of the shorts for men, women's skirts should also let you play the game without any limitation of movement. Consider comfort when getting collared shirts. For ladies and men alike, collared shirts is the handiest way to go. Get the best options for hats. Pros say that hats are one of the most crucial parts of tennis apparel because these can serve as the final cover against daylight. Though these could be optional especially when the games are being held within, it'd basically pay if one gets a good pair. - 30798

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Table Tennis versus Ping-Pong

By Tony Ulrich

Do you need some good ideas on great alternatives to wasting your time on the couch on a rainy day? How about finding something that combines exercise and fun at the same time?

The cool thing about Table-Tennis: it doesn't take a lot to get started. Two paddles, a ball and table and you are good to go. I was about fifteen years old when I started playing table-tennis seriously.

Soon thereafter I joined my first club and I've been playing ever since. My current rating is about 2150 and I am registered at USATT.

There is a difference between ping-pong and its alter ego, table-tennis. There are plenty of videos on Youtube for example where professionals and hobby players demonstrate, that this can be a very intense and serious sport.

I hope you didn't only focus on the ball, but also the athleticism, especially the footwork that is required to keep up with chasing that little thing. Because it can get very fast at times, shots with speeds over 100 mph are not uncommon.

And that's the difference between ping-pong and table-tennis. The good news is: you can start at any age to turn this fun sport into a serious work-out regime. You will have to take it easy though, especially in the beginning.

Try that how: together with your opponent, attempt to hit the ball 20 times over the net, without making an error. Consistency is key and you should know that a regular exercise like this is part of every serious player's routine. Well, on that level though, it's not twenty but a hundred or more shots in a row at a very fast speed just to warm up.

Every serious table-tennis player pretty much follows that routine. And to get to that level of consistency and speed, it takes many years of hard work and training. For most of us, several days a week for a few hours, ideally. But we all had to start out at a lower pace, good things take time. Again, your goal should be 20 hits without making any mistakes, at a reasonable pace.

Speed is secondary. Don't try to hit the ball too hard, actually, try to hit it lightly and focus on placement. The speed will come as you keep practicing. And if you can make 20 shots, you can step it up to 50. That's actually a huge jump and it will probably take you some time to get there. After that, it's time to take on the magic 100.

But first things first: Now, just grab your paddles and get started with indoor table tennis. It is fun and workout at the same time! - 30798

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Henin Is Playing As Good As Ever Before

By Lisa Bryce

If we rewind by a few years in the women's tennis world, we'll arrive at a time where Justine Henin was the world's best female tennis player. Not only was she the best, but she was rather dominant.

Many were calling her the Roger Federer of women's tennis, and deservedly so. She was simply unstoppable at her best. Why did she retire in 2008, then?

While all appeared to be going well on the outside, Henin was mentally exhausted. She was sick of the two decades that she had devoted entirely tennis, and needed to get away from the sport.

There were personal initiatives that she preferred to focus on, including a camp for children where she'd teach them how to play tennis.

There was definitely a void in the world of women's tennis. The number ones of the world weren't truly the best in the minds of some fans, because they wondered if Henin would still be at the top of the ranks. Out of nowhere, some wishes were granted a few months ago when she said she'd return to the sport.

Before her first match, fans of the sport had doubted her abilities, thinking that either age or rust would have gotten the best of her by now. This would be a natural expectations, as most athletes initially stumble on the comeback trail.

Well, if her recent play is any sort of indication, all possibilities should be on the table at this point. With a first round straight sets win at the Brisbane International tournament against second seeded Nadia Petrova, she looked very much like her old self.

After seeing Kim Clijsters' triumphant return to the sport after her US Open win last year, nothing should be considered unrealistic for Justine Henin. - 30798

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Community Benefits From The Pipers Landing Yacht & Country Club In Palm City Florida

By Hubert Miles

Many luxury real estate shoppers are searching for more than just a home. They want the lifestyle. Piper's Landing Yacht & Country Club offers the lifestyle many dream of. This is a gated equity share golf community is situated along the St. Lucie Waterway in Palm City, Florida. We will now briefly overview just some of these luxurious amenities available to owners in Piper's Landing.

One of the highlights of the community is it's gated entry and 24 hour security personnel that keeps the communities 600 acres secure. The security officers are also trained in First Aid care, CPR certified, and are trained to use defibrillators in the case of a medical emergency. Additional services provided include unlocking houses for authorized service personnel and checking on vacant houses.

The gem of the community is it's newly renovated world class golf course by award winning architect, Gene Bates. This 2005 winner of the Course Architect of the Year award, headed the 2007 renovation project which has created a more challenging and breathtaking course and playing experience. Florida State grad, Mike Eye is the local assistant golf professional and holds a PGA Class A Certification.

For tennis lovers, Pipers Landing offers 5 Har-Tru surface courts, with 1 of the courts lighted to allow residents to play at night. The communities Head Tennis Professional is Cullen DeWindt. DeWindt is a winner of the USPTA Clay Court Doubles National Championship in 2007 and a USPTA certified teaching professional.

There is a full slate of regularly scheduled events and social engagements at Pipers Landing. There is formal and informal dining options available in the community clubhouse. In addition the clubhouse has a fully stocked pro shop and both men's and women's locker rooms.

Boaters will find that the Sheltered Harbor and Marina provides easy access to both the St. Lucie Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. This deep water marina can accommodate yachts that are up to 100 feet long. Whether you are looking to go deep sea fishing or just cruise the waterway, you'll enjoy all the marina has to offer.

Final Thoughts

So when vacationing in the Palm City area check out all the amenities Piper's Landing Yacht & Country Club has to offer. You may find that why many people now call Piper's Landing home. - 30798

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The Exciting Story of Justine Henin

By Casey Newman

It wasn't too long ago that nearly every grand slam tournament was being dominated by Justine Henin. She was clearly the world's best, and only a few players stood a chance at beating her every time she took the court.

Many were calling her the Roger Federer of women's tennis, and deservedly so. She was simply unstoppable at her best. Why did she retire in 2008, then?

According to Henin, she had grown tired of all of the training and traveling that came with the grueling lifestyle of being a pro tennis player. As a result, she thought that a retirement would be the best personal move.

This would allow her to focus on both her charity work and her tennis school, as she took pride in training the many talented young kids who came to her school.

It wasn't until a few months ago during the fall of 2009 in which Henin announced that she'd be planning a return to women's professional tennis. Fans of the sport rejoiced, as her presence would certainly add an interesting element to the state of the female game.

Still, there was doubt. Would she be able to play at the level she left off at? When someone goes nearly two years without playing a professional match, they can't be expected to be as good.

Boy, were they wrong. Justine Henin looked as if she never took a day off after easily beating Nadia Petrova in straight sets at Brisbane. The competitive fire still burns in this warrior. In fact, some people claimed that she looked as if she never even took a day off.

After seeing Kim Clijsters' triumphant return to the sport after her US Open win last year, nothing should be considered unrealistic for Justine Henin. - 30798

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Ignoring Warning Signs For the Sake of the Sport

By Dr. Gary Gendron

After having performed thousands of sports physicals over the years, I have seen an ever increasing trend in poor posture. Often, the posture is compromised before a sport is undertaken, and frequently the posture is affected by repetitive motions of a particular sport.

You can easily perform an analysis of your own posture by having someone look at you from your back (six feet directly behind you). Does one shoulder look higher than the other? Does one hip look higher? Check to see if your feet are equal, is one flaring out more than the other? The knees should be in alignment too, facing the same direction. Your head should be equally balanced, not tilting to one side. If some differences are observed, you may have a biomechanical problem that is affecting your sports performance.

I like to use the analogy of your car being out of alignment. If your car is misaligned, your tires will wear out unevenly, you will not get optimum fuel efficiency in your car, and it will not run like it should. The same principle applies to the human body. Do you believe that your body would be more or less susceptible to injury if you were a runner and you had one hip higher than the other, which caused one leg to be an inch shorter? Running day-after-day, mile-after-mile?

The body will respond to the misalignment by its innate ability to compensate for its differences and will adapt to the change. However, there is an insidious process, disease sets in, and so the person will not have symptoms for many years before they experience other health problems. One of the most common conditions that occur is degenerate arthritis of the spine and pelvis. The bottom line is, if your biomechanics were in proper working order, you would be a better, more efficient runner.

One of the most common comments I hear when a new patient visits the office is "I can golf fine if I take two anti inflammatories or pain pills before I golf, but after I'm done I have a lot of pain". Do you see the point that I am trying to make? If our bodies are giving us pain or it has restricted our range of motion in some way, it is trying to tell us that something is wrong. Like your car oil light coming on to warn you that the oil is low, do you turn the light off?

We often treat our cars better than our bodies. We can thank the pharmaceutical companies and medical establishment for constant bombardment in radio, print, and television advertisements. Billions of dollars are spent yearly to convince you to take that little miracle pill or potion for instant relief. They advise us to get rid of that symptom quick, ignore what the cause is. We need to take responsibility for our own health. Listen to your body; no one knows it better than yourself.

A pre-exercise warm up is imperative, but often ignored. Many people want to "get right into their workout" and therefore begin their exercise program before their muscles and ligaments have warmed up sufficiently. Without this precaution, one pre-exposes themselves to unnecessary strain on their ligaments and muscles.

It is even more urgent that we take a serious anaylysis at this with the proposed changes in our Healthcare System. The quality will not be as good. We should open our eyes, and look ahead. Say to yourself, what if 10, 20 or 30 years from now I have (fill in the blank). How could I have prevented that, should I have done this or that? The time for action is now!

Discover the secrets to a pain free golf game - play without pain. Visit right now! - 30798

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